Asset Management

In our growing world, the need for investment in infrastructure, enterprise and IT facilities have never been greater. That’s why Beam Energy Limited Asset Management is set up to support existing and prospective clients in managing their facilities/assets.

We understand the important role of Asset Management to our clients and in the world we are today & the future, that’s why we provide the service of Asset Integrity Management that systematically provide the realization of value from a firm’s investment  and enables the firm to account for all of its assets.

Beam Energy Asset Management service is categorized in to three sections:

  • Enterprise Asset Management: Management of company’s assets registry combined with a computerized maintenance management system otherwise known as CMMS, and other modules like inventory or materials management.
  • Infrastructure Asset Management: Administration of infrastructural facilities such as building, electrical and mechanical facilities, with the purpose of maintenance, upgrade and/or rehabilitation of these assets.
  • IT Asset Management: Administration of IT facilities (hardware and software)

Furthermore, Beam Energy is an expert in Asset Management that involve:

  • Electrical, Instrumentation and Control Systems
  • Computerized Maintenance Management System
  • Mechanical Asset Maintenance Intervention Support
  • Mechanical Fitting, Welding & Fabrication

Beam Energy is well equipped with human and material/equipment resources to give the best and satisfactory service to its clients. We are constantly looking for new opportunities to support companies and aiming to add real and lasting value for our clients and the people we serve.