Mechanical & Fabrication

Beam Energy provides unmatched Mechanical Engineering services such as Structural Fabrication and Construction, Piping and other mechanical services. Beam Energy owned/have access to well-equipped fabrication yard/workshop and professional engineers are strategic to its safe and timely project deliveries.

We provide service in the areas of

  • Structural and Pipe Fabrication
  • Produced Water Treatment Project
  • Boilers, Heat Exchangers and Pressure Vessels
  • Flow Line Manifolds
  • Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems

Beam Energy owned and leased fabrication yard/workshops located in Lagos and Port Harcourt are well equipped and have capabilities to produce:

  • Metering Skid and LACT Skid
  • Pressure vessels and fluid receivers up to 5m dia. and 24m long
  • Cleaning & Re-tubing Heat Exchanger Bundle
  • Fabrication of Heat Exchanger Test Ring
  • Piping Manifolds & Structures
  • Production of Flanges (Blind, Spectacle, etc.)
  • Storage Tanks (Above or Underground Tanks)
  • Steel Structures and Pipe Racks
  • Compressor, Pump and Turbine Housing
  • Air In-take Shrouds and Exhaust Stacks
  • Flare stacks
  • Risers and Slip Joints repairs
  • Blasting and Painting
  • Annual capacity up to 6000tons

Our fabrication yard consist of:

  • Working area of 90 x 42m (Workshop area)
  • 8000m2 of Concrete Hard-Standing Open Fabrication, Assembly & Storage Area 5mt/m2 capacity
  • Blasting and Painting Booth 21 x 12 x 9m
  • Jetty
    • Available lifting capacity up to 1200MT
    •  675m long quay side
    •  14m of Draught
    •  16MT/sqm LBC
  • Administrative Building, design and drafting facilities, classroom training facility and clinic

Beam Energy Limited has a robust Quality Management System certified Bureau Veritas, UK – ISO 9001: 2015 and Quality Control System. Beam Energy guarantees products and services to meet international codes, standards and best practices as well as customers’ requirements


Beam Energy also offers specialize Gas Handling Facility and Lease for both onshore and offshore activities in conjuction with our Technical Partner WASCO Engineering International Malaysia, Singapore and Dubai.

These can be designed in different shapes and sizes  such as materials basket, bottle racks, transporters, closed top all purpose containers, open top all purpose containers and insulated boxes.

All Beam Energy-WASCO Gas Handling Facilities can provide the services listed below either as Turnkey or Segmented Operations:

  • FEED – Front-end Engineering Design Services
  • Detailed process and equipment package design
  • EPC / Project Management / Supply Chain Management
  • Supply of Manufactured and Fabricated Offshore/Onshore equipment
    • Gas Compression Packages (Booster / Injection / Flash Gas)
    • Gas Dehydration Modules
    • Process and Treatment Packages/Modules
    • Pumping Solutions (Crude Transfer/H2O Injection)
  • Assembly/Testing/Load-out
  • Erection supervision, Start-up Assistance and Training
  • Rental, Operations and Maintenance Contracts